Sunday, October 14, 2012

#captureyour grief--Day 14


On  October 6, we participated in our first Walk to Remember event here in Orange County.  I wasn't even sure if I'd be ready to do this when we first heard about it in the hospital, but I'm so glad we participated.  The community of support for parents like us is huge.  Between blogs I find on the internet, groups like Walk to Remember, and support groups (that we haven't even had a chance to participate in yet...but will), I'm so glad we're not alone.  

The grey shirts are everyone walking for Luke--But everyone else pictured has lost someone important to them as well.  The support is overwhelming. 


  1. Hi Jen,

    I was just watching the trailer for the STILL Project's documentary video. In it, there is a shot of a walk (I believe in CA) and there is a group carrying a sign that says, "Luke's Skywalkers." I immediately thought of you. Not sure if you've seen it or not or if it's your family. But I wanted to share.

    Let me know if it is you! <3 Crystal (averysmommy)

  2. Hey Crystal :)

    Yes--IT WAS! That was our team! (It was my best friend's husband carrying the sign that's shown) I just watched it--And I'm so proud. I just posted it on Facebook. Seriously, I'm so proud that Luke was a part of spreading this word in such a teeny tiny way.

    The woman who runs the OC Walk to Remember is helping out with some things for the STILL project, and I'm so glad she's a part of it--She's a wonderful person too!

  3. Yay! I am glad you, your family and most importantly little Luke made the cut! He's famous!!! :)