Monday, December 24, 2012

This Christmas

It's our first Christmas without you, Luke. You're heavy in our thoughts now, and we wish so badly you were here with us.

You have the most amazing family ever, though. And friends that we call our family. Your Auntie Ali made you the most amazing Christmas stocking, ever, though. Opening it brought me to tears. She gave it to us last night, and I I wish so badly that I was filling it with toys for you tonight.

Don't worry. It will always hang for you at Christmas. I just wish Santa could bring you back to us.

I love you always and forever, my sweet boy.


  1. Love to you, and to me, and to all of us.

  2. I wish Luke was here. I wish you had more than a stocking. It's just so hard. All the love and merriment but difficult to soak it in when there is a hole in your heart.

  3. I'm sorry, Jen. I wish Luke was here with you to celebrate Christmas.
    Know I was thinking about you
    Love to you